Introducing the Pool Bike Monte Carlo models

All our models provide high tech engineered parts built to endure!

We offer three Pool Bike models: the base Monaco, the mid-range Max and the top-end Dolphin.

Now a get a total body workout without the strain of other workout methods. Pool Bike Monte-Carlo introduces the POOL-BIKE, a revolutionary new way to exercise and enjoy it too! With the POOL-BIKE system you will slim down, firm up and increase the health of your heart and lungs without strain to the muscular / skeletal system.

POOL-BIKE is manufactured by Pool Bike Monte-Carlo from the finest materials to exacting specifications and will last you a lifetime of use.

The pool is too cold for you right now? POOL-BIKE can even be used out of the water if need be! The weight limit for on-land use is 250 lbs (113 kg)

POOL-BIKE Technical Data

Every part of the Pool-Bike has been tested in hot sea water for 1 year at The Spa Thalassotherapy Monaco, Monte-Carlo.

Pool-Bike is manufactured exclusively by Pool Bike Monte-Carlo under our international patents.

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Feature of Pool-Bike model: Max

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