Aquatic Exercise with the Pool Bike Monte-Carlo

Getting started with your first workouts and having fun:

Warm up and stretch prior to doing Aquabiking. Stretch your hamstrings, quads, abductors and heel cords. You may want to warm up in the water with a short swim or by treading water, depending on your limits.

Setting up your Pool Bike

  1. Make sure that the seat height is adjusted for you. The general rule is that your knees are slightly bent with the pedal all the way down while sitting on the seat.
  2. Set the paddle size and resistance. To change the resistance, turn the paddle blades on their own axis to the desired angle. You probably will want to start out with the smaller paddles installed and the blades turned like a knife to cut the water.


Make one or two attempts to cycle before you start your program. This will assure you of the right setup. Also this will confirm that the seat height is correct for your leg length.

Getting started with your Pool Bike

Start with one minute at the average pace of one leg going around one cycle every two seconds. Counting one thousand one, one thousand two, etc. helps. Remember everyone tends to do too much in the beginning. You should always go by how you are and how you feel. If you can not talk and exercise, you are doing too much. If you feel that this is not enough then increase the time NOT THE RESISTANCE. After you have exercised five minutes of that day or days then you can increase your speed of cycling. Do not increase the resistance yet, be patient and you will get there happily. If you can, at this point still talk, feel good and are not overly tired or sore, then you can increase the resistance and go back to the one minute and go through the same general rules to five minutes.

In the beginning you can Aquabike every day but once you are on a regular program then two or three times per week is all that you need.

If at any time in your workout your pulse is over 140 beats per minute, you must stop or consult with your doctor or a trained professional before you increase your program. Only people who know that it is alright to continue to increase should do so.

After the above program you need to ask yourself why you are exercising. Once you have answered that question then you need to seek out people in your facility to guide or monitor you program.

f you choose to use your Pool-Bike on land, a maximum of 250 lb should be placed on the machine. The same will apply if the Pool Bike is in the water but the person is out of the water. Example: The Pool-Bike is in 2 feet of water which is enough for the paddle resistance. In 2 feet of water the person's weight is not bouyed up by the water, therefore they put their actual weight on the Bike. The 250 lb limit still applies here.

Spinning with Pool Bike Monte-Carlo and have fun while exercising!

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